Jay O'Callahan, Marshfield MA
November 8–11, 2018
Thurs @ 3pm, Fri @7pm, Sat @3pm, Sun @2pm

Jay will tell two or three short stories about growing up on Pill Hill, a neighborhood on the edge of Boston.  In the neighborhood there was a tree seven realms high, a number of eccentrics and frozen salmon floating in a bathtub. The main story, Muddy River Playhouse, is about father and son acting in an amateur play directed by an aunt with a sherry flask in one hand, a cigarette in the other and a voice which rises as the sherry empties.

Jay O’Callahan takes a bare stage and single-handedly transforms it into a dynamic and sensitive world filled with compelling characters. His solo performances at Abbey Theatre in Dublin, National Theatre Complex in London, the Olympics, Lincoln Center, Boston Symphony Orchestra and other theaters throughout the world have been applauded by the media, including The Boston Globe, The Washington Post and Entertainment Weekly. The Associated Press trumpeted him as “a theater troupe inside one body.” Time Magazine dubbed Jay “a genius.”

jay O'Callahan

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