NEW ENGLAND CHRISTMAS 2016         Pontine Theatre 

9-11 Dec 2016 : Fri @7pm, Sat @4pm, Sun @2pm

Location: Seacoast Science Center, 570 Ocean Blvd, Rye NH

Pontine Theatre Co-Artistic Directors, M. Marguerite Mathews and Greg Gathers unveil original adaptations of two heart-warming Christmas stories set in New England: Captain Eli’s Best Ear by Frank Stockton, a yarn about two salty, old sea captains who decide to keep Christmas together; and  The Romance of a Christmas Card by Kate Douglas Wiggin, a story about far-flung families reunited by the lure of a Christmas with the “folks back home.” 

Capn Eli - 146

Cap'n Eli's Best Ear, by Frank Stockton, takes place in late December in a charming little seaside village.  Cap'n Eli Bunker, a retired sea captain, is inspired, after many lonely years as a widower, to try his hand at celebrating Christmas once again.  After much cogitation, he conspires with his friend and neighbor, Cap'n Cephas Dyer, to mount a fitting holiday event.  An orphaned child and Mrs. Trimmer, whose husband "sailed away in a schooner and never returned," fill out the cast for this delightful tale.  The characters are all played by beautifully crafted bunraku-style puppets, created by Pontine Co-Director, Greg Gathers.  

Romance2Pontine - 062

The Romance of a Christmas Card spans two Christmases in the village of Beulah, New Hampshire  and tells of a minister's wife who is inspired by a real-life scene to design and put verse to a Christmas card.  The card's publication leads to a remarkable coincidence that affects the lives of all the characters. The Romance of a Christmas Card is, in the end, a story of strange coincidences that ultimately lead to redemption.   The cast and set of Victorian-style Toy Theatre Figures for this captivating tale were designed and constructed by Pontine Co-Artistic Director, Greg Gathers.   

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