Jo Radner, Lovell ME
16-18 February 2018: Fri @7pm, Sat @4pm, Sun @2pm
Location: Strawbery Banke Museum – Stoodley Tavern
14 Hancock Street, Portsmouth NH

The 1947 fires in Maine impacted the state and its people for years. Jo Radner’s performance, focused on the Brownfield area, is sure to enthrall. 

jo radner 2

In October of 1947, after a season of terrible drought, wildfires burned all over the state of Maine. The town of Brownfield was one of the worst areas: 80% of it, including all churches, schools, post offices, and other public buildings, was completely destroyed in the space of a few hours. Drawing on newspaper accounts, letters, and oral history interviews with survivors of the Fire, this performance presents an extraordinary story of terror, courage, neighborly responsibility, recovery, and -- yes -- even humor.

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