How Brownfield Faced the Fire

Jo Radner, Lovell ME
16-18 February 2018: Fri @7pm, Sat @4pm, Sun @2pm
Location: Strawbery Banke Museum – Stoodley Tavern
14 Hancock Street, Portsmouth NH

Jo Radner 1

The 1947 fires in Maine impacted the state and its people for years. Jo Radner’s performance, focused on the Brownfield area, is sure to enthrall. 

In October of 1947, after a season of terrible drought, wildfires burned all over the state of Maine. The town of Brownfield was one of the worst areas: 80% of it, including all churches, schools, post offices, and other public buildings, was completely destroyed in the space of a few hours. Drawing on newspaper accounts, letters, and oral history interviews with survivors of the Fire, this performance presents an extraordinary story of terror, courage, neighborly responsibility, recovery, and -- yes -- even humor.

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