A Musical Reunion
 A celebration of the theatre renaissance in Portsmouth in story and song 
August 10 - 12

Theatre By The Sea Facade(2)

The 1970’s -1980s.  Do you remember the golden years in Portsmouth? The little hundred seat Theatre by the Sea between two of the only three restaurants on Ceres Street-The Dolphin Striker and the legendary Blue Strawbery, across from the old Ferry Landing, (at the time, the only restaurant with a deck on the Piscataqua?)  Being serenaded by Randa McNamara over brunch at Clarences Chowder House? Carousel, the first musical theatre production at the Prescott Park Arts Festival in 1975?  

Actors, singers, and dancers came to Portsmouth from New York, Los Angeles, and points  between, to perform in a play at Theatre by the Sea or Prescott Park .  Many of them stayed for years, honing their craft, stimulated by the myriad opportunities and enchanted by the timeless beauty, warmth, and heartfelt charm of this welcoming town.  But over time, they left.  

Thirty-five years later, some of them are coming back home August 10, 11 & 12 for A Musical Reunion: A celebration of the theatre renaissance in Portsmouth in story & song.  Pontine Theatre will host the performances at the Plains School, #1 Plains Avenue, Portsmouth, NH.  Shows are Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 2pm & 7pm, and Sunday at 2pm.  Tickets are $25.  

Scott Weintraub, Randa McNamara, Jay Spears, Annie Roonie Brooks, plus old friends and special surprise guests, will sing, reminisce, and relive their favorite moments and memories of their favorite town.  

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